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Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Two or More Heads are Better than One

My friend Liz is a serial entrepreneur, who brings resourcefulness and strength to every project. Recently, she’s brought the same resourcefulness to advocate for her family. I’ve been following her story through Facebook posts. Today, she wrote a quote that fit perfectly with my thoughts on ent...



Different Types of Science Writing

Hello Bio Careers® Community!  I have been invited to share my experiences as a Science Writer with you in the form of blogs.  I must say that I am a bit intimidated because there is a lot of good content already posted here that covers a lot of topics.  Bloggers Sandlin Seguin and C...


Reineke Pohlhaus

Who Cares Where You Go?

Who cares where you go after graduate school, or after your postdoc?  You may think no one cares, but in fact a lot of people do (see, for example, responses to the PhD Placement Project).There is a huge movement right now in the US to track graduates. There is the thought that tracking placeme...



Visiting goals at year-end and planning for the new year

I’m not a New Year’s resolution practitioner, but what I do like to do at the end of the year/beginning of a new year is to think about my goals. Goal setting is a best practice for all professionals and especially those who are looking to make personal and professional advances. What you have t...



Two of the Most Important Questions About Your Career

After looking over many of these blog posts, one important area to discuss is the scientist as an inventor, adventurer, and entrepreneur. My career has had a long, winding path. Sometimes the terrain was sufficiently tortuous that I dreamt of being reincarnated as a Land Rover. I’ve been promoted ...



Lessons from my father: Entrepreneurship

This is my first blog post for Bio Careers, so I’m going to tell you about myself, my influences, and where I want to go with this blog. However, I’m not going to give you my CV (I’m on LinkedIn, and you can see all the gory details there).



Starting out in science policy – a fellowship is not the only way!

With many graduate students and postdocs looking for career opportunities outside the laboratory, science policy is becoming an increasingly popular field. I won’t go in to the basic details of what the field entails and the different types of organizations and jobs involved (there are plenty of p...



Teaching at the High School Level

Welcome to the first of many blog entries about teaching at the High School level.   I have been a teacher for three years now at a local private high school.  I have taught all levels of difficulty, and have enjoyed my time thus far.



Lean Mean Science Machine

When I decided to pursue the idea I had for a better way to keep up with science, aka Scizzle (check it out, I’d love to get your feedback), I really didn’t know where to start. And so, like a good researcher….I went on Google. This is how I came by the lean startup approach – a methodology ...

Lauren Celano


Building your Professional Network through Involvement

A well developed network is one of your most important assets.  The quality and strength of your network significantly impacts career opportunities, your career trajectory, and overall success.  It can take years, sometimes decades, to develop a robust professional network, and it often do...